CacaoAmor provide 100% Artisan and Ceremonial Grade Cacao. To sum it up, artisan and ceremonial means it comes from heirloom trees of wild heritage. It is hand harvested, picked and selected by hand. All the processes are made by hand with some support from kind to Cacao machines, and is hand packed with so much love. Our paste is made from Cacao seeds of hundred percent native trees from Balao, Ecuador. Trees that are unique to this region, and fall under the category of 'Arriba Nacional', the most rare Cacao variety, recognized globally for its unique and gorgeous flavor profiles! 

We believe that is still not enough for it to be classified 'Ceremonial', Cacao is delicate and complex, the way it is prepared makes all the difference between a Cacao with high nutritional value and intact antioxidant properties and a block of ground cacao beans. We take extra care in the process of its creation from fermentation to stone grind into paste, where we ensure that the beneficial bio-active compounds in the Cacao are optimized and not destroyed!  

Alongside out fabulous Cacao we also facilitator cacao ceremonies, Cacao Facilitator Training and Workshops through Temple of Amor. Supporting our values of CONNECTION - LOVE - INTENTION.

From our heart to yours, Deya and the CacaoAmor tribe x