Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony
Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony

Thriving In Your Alignment with Cacao & Ceremony

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The next round in English starts 9nd August 2022

Only 5 Places Remain! 

Email us for the application form and to reserve your place by the 5th August 

£50 is just the fee to reserve your place.  


This is a spiritual, physical and emotional journey with Cacao. A deep retreat into the foundation of being human where you will create a deep connection with Cacao to then share with others in ceremony.

This is not just an online program, it is a unique opportunity to connect with the spirit of Cacao as a Sacred plant medicine and ally. 

Your Alignment is Everything, The world needs you! 


In this course I have put together over 8 years of personal development, alchemical transformation, ceremonies and retreats. Abundant skills, for you to dive into and transform your life. To upgrade your being and become the super human you truly are! 

We embark on a 8 weeks journey, each week you receive a video and workbook with that week's material as well as a bonus practice video. We also meet together live on Zoom, an application that lets us all be together in a virtual classroom, where we sit with mama Cacao in ceremony together. All of the sessions are recorded, so if you miss, you will be able to access the ceremonies at a convenient time for you. We also have an online community forum through Facebook and/or WhatsApp, where we share about our journeys and support each other. 

You will receive 

💖 Live Opening and Closing Ceremonies 

💖 Weekly teachings via pre recorded videos + guest speakers & 8 live ceremonies!

💖 Weekly workbook and exercises

💖 Life time access to the course* and the private group with a supportive community

Summary of each week's content 

We will be connecting and working with Cacao from the first transmission 

 Week 1 Opening Ceremony and 

First teaching. Connecting with the energy of Cacao through the 5 Alchemical Elements of Creation: Ether, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. 

Week 2 Purification and Intention 

Week 3 Choosing, Connecting with and Expanding your Alignment 

Week 4 The Power of Cacao; Science, stories and spirit. 

Week 5 The Art of Ceremony.

Week 6 & 7 Assessments 

Following week Closing Ceremony. 

You will have my full support during the course as well as a one on one call including in the fee with the option to have more one on one calls with me. 


  You want to discover / expand your Soul's calling and deepest Alignment.

  You love Cacao, want to create a powerful connection with the Spirit of Cacao, learning from her and Nature. 

  You want to facilitate Cacao ceremonies and workshops. 

  You want Alchemical Transformation; because everything works better when you are feeling good! 

  You want to Purify, Align your Intentions and Thrive doing so. 

  You are ready to Upgrade your Vibration to match that of Mother Nature, becoming a part of the solution. 

The current course is under way, the next round in English starts end of August 2022 please email us for more details and to be put into our waiting list.

(VERSION EN ESPAÑOL empezamos principios de Mayo, cupo limitado, escríbenos para saber mas )



"I would recommend taking this magickal course with Deya! It was a very sacred and beautiful journey learning the gifts of Mama Cacao. I received the direction, connection and inspiration that I was looking for! Such an incredible journey! Thank you, Deya!" Gillian White

"Thriving in Your Alignment Immersion Cacao and Ceremony has been such an expansive, beautiful journey. I have learnt so much about the wonder of Cacao and feel so much more confident and capable to share this heart-felt plant with others". Stacia 

"I am eternally grateful for everything you have taught me. An amazing experience in joining this course, not only have I learnt incredible knowledge on this sacred plant but I have also learnt a lot about myself. Practices that I now introduce into my day to day living. I feel as if I have grown a lot during the 8 weeks of training with Deya. Thank you, you truly are an amazing being 🙏 I am looking forward to whats in store, now I am able to facilitate and help others heal through this beautiful Medicine. Exciting times ahead". Bulent Hussein

"I 100% recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge with the sacred medicine of Cacao. I feel so equipped and ready to share this medicine because of all of the knowledge, preparations and support Deya has given me throughout the 8-week course. I loved coming together as a community as I have met some really fantastic friends on this course and I am just so grateful for Deya for holding the space. I have been working with mama Cacao for over 16 months now but this 8-week course really allowed me to deepen this relationship I have with the medicine." Charlotte Burnap

"My heart is so grateful for this beautiful training🙏 I learned a lot about myslef, connection with Mother Earth. I meet so many beautiful souls and I finally found the courage and strength to do the things that I love. Mama Cacao opened for me an amazing door of possibilities." Katarzyna

"This course has been truly life-changing, in so many unexpected ways. Deya leads you expertly through the ancient wisdom surrounding cacao, from the Mayan creation stories to the Incan medicine wheel. Her weekly practices help you to grow individually and transform your daily life in subtle ways so as to become the best possible vessel for cacao. The weekly calls create the perfect support network for this journey, helping you to feel held and heard as you process the deep inner work that the course requires, and also keeping everyone accountable. You will also learn more practical elements of facilitating ceremony, and the final week brings the chance to co-create your own, honouring everyone’s individual talents and passions. Thank you, Deya, for all your time, energy and wisdom, and for igniting what I am sure is going to be a lifelong journey.” Becky Field, UK.  

"I loved Deya's course- such a wonderful warm and aware way of teaching the incredible knowledge and medicine of cacao. The weekly workbooks and videos were really well put together and covered integral information in a way that was interesting and a warm nourishment for the soul. I'll always treasure the time spent with her and the other people who were doing the course at this time...a beautiful bonding and opening, as well as filling up with nurturing and the sacred love of cacao. The course imparts a confidence to hold cacao ceremony and share with others this wonderful knowledge and healing. Thank you Deya! 5 brightly shining stars out of five!" Inga Liljestrom, Australia. 

"I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to sweetest Deya, thank you for dedicating time, energy, and love to this past 5 weeks course. Thriving in your alignment with cacao was probably the most delicious gift I could have given myself (metaphorically and literally 😉). Not only have I learned about the spirit of Cacao, & incorporating cacao, prayer, and intention into ceremony, but I have gained self improvement practices that I intend to use for the rest of my life. So grateful for this wisdom, for this plant medicine, for this Earth. Deya, I hope our paths cross one day. “🌺 Ali Sugarman, USA. 

 "Thank you Deya, for introducing me to this amazing ceremonial plant medicine and teaching me about her and all of its health benefits in mind, body, and spirit. I am so inspired and excited after my first real introduction to Cacao plant medicine. Im currently taking part in a 5 week online course called “Thriving in your alignment with cacao and ceremony” I made my first cacao elixir today for the classe's opening ceremony. It was absolutely divine and I felt like a new woman after enjoying a cup of CacaoAmor and receiving a phenomenal guided meditation into the land of lovely bliss. After the class ended and I looked in the energy had changed and there was a healthy and happy glow shining bright from my face which was exactly what this lady needed.  I’m looking forward to learning all about this amazing nutrient rich medicinal plant and how to create my own sacred ceremonies to share with friends, family, and clients.”🍫❤️🥰 Sky Amy Buckles, USA. 

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