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As we count our blessings, we open our Present: the gift to be alive. Each moment revealing an endless stream of mysterious miracles.

Awaken your magic! You are the key!

To learn more about this offering watch this video 

As we live in thanks, we honor life.
As we live in thanks, our hearts flower open in a peaceful state of awe-inspirling moments.

Grateful vibrations magically shift perceptions to embrace the infinite blessings.                                                                                                                Beauty behold in the simplicity. Breath of life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. in heART!

We are all creating this life together. You are supported... Supporting.

Each thought, action, word; a living prayer answered, manifest to being.

Dream Alive Thrive!
What are you Grateful for?!

Creation (Earth )                                                                                                   Pregnancy of the Gratefulkey was seeded through deep surrender in service to this world. Created as a peace prayer; An offering, in dedication and honor to our precious home, our Mother Earth.

GratefulKey mala

In the world today the prayer of thanks giving seems too often forgotten in the endless streams of desires fogging the mind. This simple yet profoundly powerful prayer of thanks is the intention of the Gratefulkey mala. Let the GratefulKey be a friend, a divine tool of support to come home to the magic of a grateful heart. She can be enjoyed as a mala,  to count our blessings,  or simply as a friendly reminder of the power of gratitude, our natural, peaceful state in awe. Reminding us of the divinity within and all around us, to see the blessings in all. There is always something, maybe very small, in any circumstance, for which we can be grateful. Focus on your blessings and more arise, follow your heart.                                        Ignite your bliss; your life is sealed with an eternal kiss.

The GratefulKey is fire-laser-carved on different types of recycled wood. Thank you sacred tree spirits!

There is a crystal prism living in the heart of the GratefulKey. These crystals cast tiny fairy rainbows in Feng Shui. The crystal prism is used for balancing or harmonizing energy. When hard energy enters the ball, the facets deflect the energy, breaking it up and turning it into gentle energy. The symbol of the rainbow holds a prayer of peace to the world, that we can be inspired by our differences and come together to create and take care of one another, and all of life !

Sacred red thread: the beads are held together by naturally died red nylon thread representing blood, the deep connection, which weaves us all together as family without discrimination, reminding us of our sacred union of life, Universoul force that sustains, blesses us, wombmoon, sacred blood of creation, honoring the divine feminine awakening.

Rudraksha seed beads: Our rudraksha seeds, which make up the largest portion of the beads on the mala, are sourced though Balinise friends in Java, Indonesia. It is very important to us to make this friendship and honor everyone involved. It is important for us to know that the people and the trees producing these special seeds are being honored. We received our first beads guided though a special water temple ceremony, giving thanks to the sacred waters within and all around us.

Rudraksha, or the eye of Rudra [Shiva] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force, the source to reach the higher self. These seeds emit frequencies that balance human body chakras, bringing balance emotionally, mentally and physically, relieving stress and aiding circulatory issues.

Lotus seeds: the oval brown seeds on the malas are lotus seeds. The lotus flower grows from the deep dark mud in the bottom of ponds, flowering open into clarity and grace, reminding us that the darkness is an important part of our life journey into the light. Stay true to your your heart to the world......

Bodi seeds: a seed encouraging strength, patience, wisdom and compassion of special significance. The tree, home to the bodi seed, is said to be the tree under which Buddha lived and became enlightened. The Bodi seed lives on the mala in the place of the guru bead or spirit bead. It is the 109th bead, separate from the main mala, honoring the great mystery of life creation.

The other beads are chosen uniquely for you! These crystals, clay, shells or glass are either repurposed treasures or are ordered from sites which are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested.

******** Each Gratefulkey mala we make with hand and heart. We love to know for whom we are making it... inspiring a deeper connection and blessing for all. With your email please also leave us a message sharing what you are grateful for, and who the Gratefulkey is for. ***********

We have a suggested donation of £88 to £111 ....We are very welcome to all circumstances. Send us a message and share!

Dream alive to thrive!

**** Once you select 'purchase' we will be notified, please make sure you write your most used email in your details and keep an eye out for an email from us with information on how to proceed. ****

**** To speed things up you are welcome to email us directly to letting us know a little about yourself, what you are grateful for and your intention and vision for the key also if there is any particular stones, energies, or things you are calling in, let us know, then Creature will email you back with what is channeled for your key. Also let us know how much you would like to donate for your key. **** 

To learn more about this offering watch this video 

And read on to learn more

Visions revealed a key of gratitude, a message in a physical reminder.                      The magic magnified as the GratefulKey took form as a mala, a reminder in motion:  to count our blessings.

Throughout the epic creation-journey, the spirit of the key gently whispers: ”the journey is the destination, all in divine timing,  trust,  live gratefully, you are supported always, you are guided in love, everyone is“

We are soooo grateful to help activate this friend; GratefulKey, to birth, to share, to support, and to grow with you.

In ceremony the first 4 printed keys were given back to Spirit, Universoul.
One was buried in an ancient tree, honoring our connection in deep roots with the earth.

The next was transcended though sacred fire, transforming and shedding all that doesn’t serve for the greater good of all.

The third we let go in the sacred river waters, reminding us to flow and dance within life’s currents and to bring clarity.

The last key was lifted to the sky, rainbow wings set freee to be Oommm Shantiii

It is very important to us to always create our GratefulKeys with strong heart intentions! We amplified our prayer by creating it in harmonic resonance with the moon phases,  meditation, mantra and divine timing. 
The journey that the GratefulKey has taken us on and many dear friends so far has been an incredible blessing of synchronistic magic adventure.                              Blesss her continued spiral with you!

Offering (spirit)...

In true deep thanksgiving there opens a surrender space, a relaxing in our breath,    in the moment a sparkle supporting the magic of life.
As we live from a grateful heart, full as a flower blooms,  sharing seeds of abunDance, living in love and support out into the world.

We place the GratefulKey in your hands, in your heart opening, in gratitude, reviving, thriving, growing union, harmonic waves in one drop ripples to the whole world celebration.


Please feel into your heart for what offering you are inspired to seed with the GratefulKey.

We believe in the vibration of donation or Divine Trust, open flow, abunDANCE for all to feel equal, supported in their dreams, the infinite possibilities, to live the visions, inspirations which are gifted to us. We believe that as people in this world feel whole, nourished and cared for, so too will they care for this precious world. We all support each other. Please honor us as we honor you. We want to be able to continue to share in this way. With your support we can! Holding a sacred open space of trust, trust in ourselves, each other and in life.

"To see a world in one grain of sand and  Heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in one an hour." William Blake

Care (water)
Everything is alive and holds a vibration. Trees speak, listen deeply, in our hearts we can hear the rocks, water, fire, sky, spirit is eternal, infinite awakenings; connections to behold.

The GratefulKey is an alive, unique spirit. Just like you, she loves to go on adventures, dance in the moonlight, light washings, coconutty oil rubs, to be handled with care, speak to her through your heart......


Mala medicine 108 ( air )

The earliest beads date back 100,000 years. Beads may be the oldest art form in existence. They are also recognized as one of the first forms of trade/currency. The GratefulKey dances together a 108 beaded mala. Malas or prayer beads have been used for centuries and can be found in unique forms in cultures all around the world. Most sources seem to agree that they originated in India and traveled around the world from there. Prayer beads can be found in different numbers and made of different materials, but all keep a similar intention for prayer, connection for meditation; creating positive mental focus.


There are 108 beads joining the GratefulKey mala. There are many interpretations and perspectives to be found about the significance of the number 108. We are most inspired to create a 108 beaded mala for its harmonic resonance or correlation to our divine nature. 108 degrees are found in the angles forming the pentagon, which is aligned within our bodies as Da Vinci showed this aligned to the golden means ratio, the mathematical sequence of the infinite spiral which flows throughout the natural world.

Hindu and Buddhist malas contain 108 beads. In Islam this number is sometimes used in place of the name of God. There are also 108 movements in Taï-Chi. There are said to be 108 major nadis or energy channels running through our bodies that meet in the ‘sacred heart’. 


Symbolism (fire)

With nature as our guide, the creation and activation of the Gratefulkey’s geometry is flowing in resonance with the golden means spiral. This mathematical sequence mystically found all throughout the natural world reveals this deep connection. From the spiral in the formation of a shell, to the alignment within our own bodies, and into the universoul spiral living in the heart of the key, this frequency spirals out from the rainbow prism.

Reflections of you, infinite creation, sacred scarab rebirthing the creative heArt fire. Devotion of divine cosmic mother Isis creatrix, breathing wind under your wings. Whispering: “Live your dream, in life’s aliveness!"
Grateful Shakti, Shiva snakes spiral dancing, DNA awaken, unlock the magic.

You are the key, to live in grateful trust in awe, amazing moments.
Life is supporting you, abunDANCEing.
Focus on your blessings and more arrive.
You are the artist creating, sacred seeding, growing to blooming heArt, living, sharing, supporting, a world in harmony.


To the winds of the East...
Great Eagle
From the place of the rising Sun.
Keep us under your wing.
Show us the mountains we dream alive to thrive.
Teach us how to fly wing to wing with Great Spirit.
With your keen vision, seeing truth.                                                                        Walking with hope, courage and honesty in this circle of life.

To the winds of the North...
Wise whales,
Ancient Ones
Come to our dreams; water us with your wisdom; bringing into balance the physical, mental and spiritual.
We honor you who have come before us,
And you who will come after us... seeds to grow, listening to the little ones... pure of
heart ..reminding us of this miracle of life.

To the winds of the West...
Mother Jaguar
Teach us the way of strength, to live fierce peace.                                                    Show us the noble yet humble way. 

To the winds of the South...
Great Serpent
Wrap your rainbow coils of light around us.
As you shed your skin, teach us to shed the parts of ourselves that no longer support the greater good of all. move with the flowing gentle grace of compassion upon this sacred Earth.

Mother Earth.                                                                                                                Thank you for your divine grace; for your true, unconditional love.                      Holding us and supporting us through all, inspiring unimaginable beauty.
May we learn to give in your sacred way.                                                           Reminding us never to take more then we need, and to give more than we take.

Father Sun
Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, to the Star Nations;                                                   Great Spirit, you who are known by a thousand names, and you who are the unnameable One... great mystery, Thank you for dancing us together this sacred web
to sing the Song of Life

Creation (earth )                                                                                                                 So much gratitude to Pacha Mamma for supporting and holding all of us in such grace, beauty and Unconditional Love. Feeling the magic of this grateful vibration,   of the simplicity, availability and strong support it offers to all. And wanting to share this message deeper.

Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.                                        All things are bound together.                                                                                           All things connect.
                                                                                                        Chief Seattle, 1854

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