Embodied Abundance: a workshop for conscious femprenuers to expand their capacity to receive

Embodied Abundance: a workshop for conscious femprenuers to expand their capacity to receive

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Embodied Abundance: a workshop for conscious femprenuers to expand their capacity to receive.

This workshop is for you if want to:
* move through blocks with your creative energy
* increase your abundance flow
* embody your womb's wisdom
* activate your heart energetics
* engage your senses to receive more in your feminine

Rituals included:
🖤 Cacao Ceremony
🖤 Intimacy Puja
🖤 Womb-Clearing
🖤 Prosperity Magnetism Activation

This is a rare opportunity to meet and receive powerful transmissions from Allie McFee from Modern Goddess Lifestyle, whilst she is visiting us from Kauaii! 

When: Wednesday July 27th 6:30pm to 9pm. Arrive 6:15 doors close at 6:30

Where: My Pleasure Tanta Shop, The Courtyard, Glastonbury 

Early bird until 25th July £33 thereafter £37 

About Allie McFee

Allie McFee is a Certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach, Tantric Practitioner, Red Tent Facilitator, and Hormone Balance Chef, who guides transformational workshops, retreats, online trainings, and courses.

She has helped thousands of heart-centered womxn with full schedules liberate their blocks from overwhelm, shame and unworthiness through embodiment rituals to manifest their dreams from magnetic overflow while feeling radiant energy within their bodies and menstrual cycles.

Allie offers transformational online trainings and programs, cooking classes, in-person retreats, eCookbooks and eGuides, and 1:1 coaching. Her Womb-Space Clearing guided practices help womxn honor their “sacred no”, release emotional stagnation, and radically love their bodies and sexuality.

Allie is the owner of the hormone health cooking blog: Modern Goddess Lifestyle. Her recipes help balance hormones naturally and support eating for the 4 inner seasons of the menstrual cycle to clear period pain and regulate the cycle. Her career began as a private plant-based chef and then co-opened Ezra’s Enlightened Café in 2014, as Head Chef and Kitchen Manager, Indianapolis’ first fully gluten-free and dairy-free café.

She believes nutrition, embodiment rituals, and mindset shifts are the foundation of womxn’s wellness.

@moderngoddesslifestyle  https://www.moderngoddesslifestyle.com/ 

About Deya CacaoAmor

Deya was born in Ecuador, she is a Cacao sorceress, Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation facilitator, Priestess of the Temple of Amor and the founder of CacaoAmor. Her mission is to share the healing powers of Cacao, expanding joy and love whilst caring for the Earth. She is a beautiful being of light, laughter and the energetic embodiment of joy inherent in the Spirit of Cacao.

She works with a cooperative in Ecuador exporting ceremonial grade cacao, protecting biodiverse farms, ancient trees and the people who care for them, whilst providing premium quality Cacao to the world.

@cacaoamor  www.cacaoamor.com

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