Order your ceremonial cacao paste and join us for our next healing Cacao Ceremony!
Order your ceremonial cacao paste and join us for our next healing Cacao Ceremony!
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Deya CacaoAmor & Elizabeth Pumer present: Cacao, Elemental Yoga and Creative Meditation

Deya CacaoAmor & Elizabeth Pumer present: Cacao, Elemental Yoga and Creative Meditation

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*Thank you to those who joined us! We had a wonderful time and it has been beautiful to receive everyone's feedback on how powerful this ceremony and practice was for them! For those who would like to tune in to the ceremony and practice, we have released a recorded version of it to purchase. 

*The recording will be available until the 25th February ONLY. This is to honor the sacred container as well as the moon changes and seasons. Once we receive your order, you will receive a confirmation email, followed by another email with the link to the recording and password to access it. Please bare with us as we do this manually and if you haven't received it within couple of 'working hours' from your purchasing please check your 'junk' 'spam' or 'promotions' folder if the email does not appear in your inbox, before contacting us. THANK YOU! 

In Deya's 7 years of sharing Cacao in ceremony and many conversations with participants, other facilitators and specially through her communion and conversations with the spirit of Cacao, Deya has come to learn and believe that Cacao's chore values  are Compassion, Curiosity and Collaboration. These values are the foundation for the work that they and CacaoAmor offer to you. When Deya first met Elizabeth Pumer, they felt these qualities strong within her. Elizabeth participated in Deya's first Cacao ceremony after the first lock down of what our Australian friends are calling the 'Rona-Coaster'. How pivotal this ceremony hosted by Sungate was for Deya and CacaoAmor's journey through the 'rona-coaster' is a story that she will share with you in divine timing. 

On the 11th of February, Elizabeth and Deya collaboratively brought you a Cacao Ceremony with a nourishing Yin Yoga practice to embody the 5 Elementals; Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, the practice was followed by a short creative meditation to tune in to the messages of this auspicious day11/2/21 holds numerological significance 11 22 1 - total numerology sum is 7 -  are all Master numbers. It was also a New Moon in Aquarius during Aquarius season! To top it all up, 2021 has been defined by some Astrologers as the actual age of Aquarius!! So, dear ones, this was a wonderful day to connect with the Spirit of Cacao, tuning into our bodies and the Elementals which are the building blocks of life as we know it. This energy is still strong some days after and this practice is helpful anytime! 

About Elizabeth
Elizabeth holds a space of magic and light. Wether it be yoga asana, meditation, kirtan and mantra or as a shamanic practitioner. She creates a space for you to feel safe and held for healing, love and a place to set yourself free.

She has been on a journey of self discovery and evolution for the last 10 years. Working herself through with different teachers and guides, plant medicines and life experiences. She continues her walk upon this earth ever more. 

Currently based in the UK she has travelled many places. Holding retreats in India, Costa Rica, Miami, Sedona Arizona, Peru and Morocco. Her healing modalities grow and expand, she is currently immersing herself with Cacao Spirit to eventually hold ceremony and Ecstatic Dance trainings to evolve her expression with life and movement. 

Shamanism is a huge part of her path now. Studying the medicine wheel she sits in the spirit of Hummingbird’s epic journey. This is the essence she is working with in this time. The practice allows her opportunity to work through her own healings and gain new teachings and perspectives on life. 

Her personal pleasures are music music music. She is a professional flautist, harmonium player and singer. And works also with sound healing and currently learning to play the guitar. She adores nature and all it teaches her. Life is bitter sweet and sweetly simple. 

Friends and family, and community is sacred to her. Less is more. And those close to her know that part of her heart will always remain with them. 

For Elizabeth, life is not about bringing in more and more along the road. It’s about letting go. Each footstep is one closer to finding that place within. The place we all search for.... home. 
About Deya
Deya CacaoAmor, was born in Ecuador of mestizo heritage. She is a devoted daughter of the Earth, lover of the Plants and student of the Sacred. As a Cacao Sorceress she listens and responds to the call of the Spirit of Cacao, sharing messages of joy and freedom. Is one who respects and appreciates Nature, the fertile soil in which the Cacao Tree grows and is a direct channel for the Spirit of Cacao, spreading with excitement its wonders and messages to the world, weaving connections of celebrations.
Deya adores all things Nature and Magick. Conjuring spells of Love and Blessings into all her Cacao offerings. 💗 

In 2019 she trained as a Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation facilitator, adding on to her certification as yoga instructor. Deya also wears the hats of speaker and content creator, her purpose is to inspire others to live out their dreams. Deya has an altruistic attitude towards life, sees the world in wonder and awe. With Cacao as her ally she help guide people to their true nature, to their birthright of pleasure, lightheartedness, joy, sacredness and ceremony. To read more about her story with Cacao please visit 'Our Story' page. 

About Cacao
Cacao is so much more than Chocolate! The stories and myths about Cacao’s creation are many, from it being a gift from the gods to humans; to beings from another galaxy showing our ancestors how to create the Theobroma Cacao tree by crossing wild strains. Whether nature, nurture or divine intervention, the Theobroma Cacao tree was born, as too was many a lifelong relationship with humankind.

Remedies derived from the cacao beans have been used in spiritual practices, ceremonies and to treat a range of physical ailments. Many of these benefits are supported in the research literature alongside more recent evidence that suggests a positive relationship between Cacao consumption and cardiovascular health and the lowering of blood pressure, alongside antioxidant, anti-influenza, anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties. Research has also identified a number of potential psychological benefits of consuming Cacao, including improvements in cognitive performance, stress management, mood and wellbeing. Cacao contains beneficial neurotransmitters and near-modulators already present in our brain. 


Cacao can align us with our highest purpose in life; helping us remember who we truly are, achieving our fullest potential. At CacaoAmor we believe we are here to express Love and Joy on this Earth. Cacao enhances the qualities of what is already there, helping us release stagnant emotions creating space for healing and celebration. Cacao facilitates and strengthens the communication between our three brains, the Har (stomach/womb), Heart and Mind, helping us restore our birthright of pleasure and happiness. Cacao can aid you into living according to your values, healing the Earth and yourself.

To learn more about Cacao and wellbeing please read this article in our blog

We are so honored and bouncing with happiness at this collaboration and what we have shared with you!

Book here to receive a recording of this ceremony and practice. We appreciate you! 
Thank you! 

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