Dance with Cacao and the Harp
Dance with Cacao and the Harp
Dance with Cacao and the Harp

Dance with Cacao and the Harp

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Joins us Wednesday 4th May in a beautiful earth round house, for a delightful and unique evening of Cacao, Harp & Movement

The Round House is located in Bovingdon, Heartfordshire, UK - exact location will be emailed to participants after booking - 7pm to 9pm

Emmy the Harp has been on a transformational journey with her instrument. She fell in love with the harp from a very young age and has been in relation with her since. Emmy trained in classical concert-harp technique, and throughout her life has gradually become closer and closer with this beautiful instrument, so that now she has her own style of playing. Her harp has unlocked powerful healing for her, and this is what motivates her to play for people. The harp is very resonant, with deep bass notes and a delicate cascading higher register. It is a wonderful sound to combine with mother Cacao and inspire you to move and transform and express yourself.

Deya (Dia) was born in Ecuador, she is a Cacao Sorceress whose life purpose is to share joy and love through the medicine of Cacao. With the project of CacaoAmor we are helping preserve heirloom varieties of Cacao and biodiversity whilst supporting indigenous farmers and their families. To learn more about Deya visit the about page in this website. 

We will gather in ceremony to share the ancient plant medicine of Cacao. Honouring the potential in Cacao to move and transport us to a deeper, more embodied state of being. Supported by the rich, resonant sound of the harp, you will be guided through a journey of dancing and singing, connecting your body with the elemental forces around us and in us.

Each individual is free to express what feels comfortable for them, we are here to support you in feeling what is ready to move through you.

Through our feet and legs we  reach the earth element that helps us ground and feel stable. Our hips offer a connection with the sensual flowing water element, and our Solar Plexus is where we feel fiery warmth. Our heart opens as we fly like birds with the air element, and with our throats we will share a song, adding our voices to the dance. We will close with a visualization mediation, so that the journey each of us has travelled will feels witnessed and landed.

We hope you will feel inspired and you are able to join us, for this unique event, we are not locals to the Round House so that makes this event even more rare, if you are local or leave in the surrounding area Join Us! You will be glad you did ;)

We ask for a £20 +£2 bf contribution to attend, we really want to make this event possible, please book your ticket by Sunday 1st May so that we know if it is possible for us to make the trip to the Round House, as we are making the journey from Trowbridge. 

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