Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation
Deya CacaoAmor Ceremony Peru Danza Expresivan Chakra Dancing
Deya CacaoAmor Ceremony Peru Danza Expresiva Chakra Dancing
Deya CacaoAmor Ceremony cacao chocolate drink
Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation
Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation
Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation
Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation
Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation

Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation

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To book an online CacaoAmor Ceremony and Chakra Dancing session please select the option that best suits you from the drop down menu. Email us to for in person or to book us for festivals, or private events and special occasions such as, and not limited to, hen dues, birthdays, rites of passage, etc. We take care all safety measures for Covid are taken. 

"When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space. Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance. Time takes on a different dimension. Emotions flow more freely. The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life, and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them. All is made new; everything becomes sacred.” -Sun Bear, Chippewa teacher and author

I am Deya CacaoAmor, daughter of the Earth, lover of the Plants and student of the Sacred. I am a Cacao Sorceress, being a direct channel for the Spirit of Cacao, a Cacao Sorceress listens and responds to the call of the Spirit of Cacao, sharing messages of joy and freedom. As a Cacao sorceress I give my life in service to her, respecting and appreciating Nature, the fertile soil in which the Cacao Tree grows and sharing with excitement its wonders to the world, weaving connections of celebration. I adore all things Nature and Magick. Conjuring spells of Love and Blessings into nourishing Cacao creation such as our paste and elixirs. 💗 

I am a Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation facilitator, yoga instructor for ever a student, inspirational speaker and content creator. My purpose is to inspire others to live out their dreams. I have an altruistic attitude towards life, see the world in wonder and awe. With Cacao as my ally I help guide you to your true nature, to your birthright of pleasure, lightheartedness, joy, sacredness and ceremony.


Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation is a free form, spontaneous dance, led by me as a trained Chakra Dancing therapist to music composed especially for the purpose. Chakra Dancing is a workout for the mind, body and soul. We all vibrate at many different frequencies which can be linked to specific areas of the body. Grounding the energy and releasing stress and emotion, Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy centers situated along the spine, stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras. The dance paired with Cacao, create a profound and fun alchemy leading to physical and mental well-being. 

If you are interested in collaborating with me or would like me to facilitate a ceremony with your community or friends, please email me at

Here are words of appreciations from participants

"Deya is an absolutely wonderful woman and I am so happy to have met her and connected with her through sacred Cacao and CacaoAmor.
I have been part of two of Deya's Cacao ceremonies and each has been unique, one was a more intimate sharing circle and the other working with ecstatic dance. In both I felt held and supported by Deya and guided to hearing and feeling my highest self and my inner calling. Deya is deeply connected to the spirit of Cacao and it is apparent when she works with this spirit, things come alive. When working with Cacao I feel uplifted and liberated and find it easy to clearly see my highest joy and this helps me to move forwards with the visions I have. Since meeting Deya and connecting with CacaoAmor, I have progressed with surrendering to the Yes in in my life, I am so grateful for this new and fruiting connection." Vanisha Mistry 

"I am deeply grateful and inspired by Deya's light and warm presence and her experience and devotion to the sacred medicine and ceremony. I have joined her for two ceremonies so far and both have been incredible spaces of healing, empowerment and connection for the Earth and heart, for the ceremonial circle and wider community beyond.

Deya brings a natural and deep passion for and knowledge of Cacao and Earth medicines beyond, infusing this lovingly and playfully into the CacaoAmor medicine and the ceremonies she facilitates. I deeply appreciate her open heart and intentions of connection for all with their true empowered self, and the joy with which she opens up a collaborative environment for this to unfold within." Nav Daheley 

"I experienced the blessing of Cacao & Sex Magic Ceremony. It has taken me to dimensions of creating power and manifesting that I could not expect. Transformation and new information to rewire. Beautiful guidance and care from these wonderful women. So grateful." Patricia Cañas.

"Nepal 2016: Mystical atmosphere, fireflies and stars in the nights sky, beautiful people and smiling faces. Deya successfully guided us through a peaceful encounter with the plant medicine Cacao, even more so, the spiritual essence of this Medicine. Through song ceremony, Deya guided our journey flawlessly. Deya is a grounded individual who holds space for growth on many levels of internal development (the spiritual path). Without hesitation I would recommend her ceremonies to anyone interested in self-development." Corey Luke.

"I experienced one of Deya's group Cacao ceremonies today. I was so grateful and relieved to witness someone with such a deep reverence and connection to the spirit of Cacao, her embodiment of the medicine is pure magic and the energy of Cacao radiates from her being. Masterfully held space....thank you so much." Angelica Gordon. 

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