CacaoAmor Online Ceremony *FREE* a gift from us to you
CacaoAmor Online Ceremony *FREE* a gift from us to you

CacaoAmor Online Ceremony *FREE* a gift from us to you

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"Cacao enhances the qualities of what is already there, helping us release stagnant emotions creating space for healing and celebration." - CacaoAmor

Connect with mama Cacao and your Intentions through the Alchemical Elements and the Natural Rhythms of the Earth.

This is a FREE Monthly online offering to support you as part of our community through these times. To attend please register via

This transmission is open to all genders and ages, bring a cup of Cacao with you, check out recipe and guidelines for how to best prepare your drink here 
Visit our shop to order your 500grams Cacao block use discount code ONLINECEREMONY20 if you would like just 100grams please email us asap for more details. 
This is a free transmission. Donations are welcome, to donate please use this link

Thank you! ❤

About Deya

Deya is a Cacao sorceress, Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation facilitator and the founder of CacaoAmor. She was born in Ecuador of mestizo heritage. Her mission is to share the healing powers of Cacao, expanding love and joy.
About Cacao
When we drink Cacao in ceremony we enter a profound state of consciousness, physically and energetically, opening our heart and its connection with the mind. Cacao relaxes the body and takes us through a process of homeostasis. Cacao facilitates the communication between our brains: the Stomach/Womb/Har (Intuition), the Heart (emotions) and the Mind (thoughts). It's the perfect precursor to many healing modalities and practices.


To attend please register here