The Story Of Deya, CacaoAmor & Her Ceremonial Cacao Paste

Deya 'Cacao Sorceress' & 'Heart Opener'

I was born Ecuador, of mestizo heritage, I learned about the medicinal and ceremonial powers of Cacao in Palenque, Mexico 2012. In 2013 with the intention to know myself better, heal my heart and deepen my connection with Cacao, yet not expecting to facilitate ceremonies, I studied with a Kakaw Sana, a beautiful couple in Mexico, they shared their home and wisdom with me.

Six months later, through a dream received by medicine woman Gina LaVerde in the magical land of Joshua Tree, California, I was asked to facilitate a Cacao Ceremony at a gathering. The intention was to heal the feminine energy of the land. This was the first of many ceremonies that came to me: I would arrive at a place, then be asked to facilitate. For some time I responded to Cacao's call this way, until I fully accepted the responsibility, that Cacao had chosen me and I her, as an ally to spread joy and love to the world.

I have been sharing Cacao in Ceremony all over the world, in many collaborations and diverse ways. Cacao helps facilitate human connection, embodiment practices, sound healing journeys, breathwork, yoga, meditation and sexual empowerment workshops, to name a few. Depending on the intention and the collective needs of the group, and with the guidance of the Spirit of Cacao, each ceremony is unique. I hold ceremony for private groups, such as couple's rituals, as well as larger parties such as weddings, events, gatherings and festivals. 


CacaoAmor: Sharing Ceremonial Cacao With Intention & Integrity

After 5 years of sharing Cacao in ceremony, and growing increasingly more aware of the struggles faced by Cacao, I was inspired to do something. Seeking to help. CacaoAmor was officially launched in early 2019, committed to respecting and honouring the Earth and Cacao’s natural environment, supporting sustainable agriculture in the form of small farmers and finding ways to help their families to flourish. Our aim is to keep alive traditional cultivation methods and to preserve ancient varieties of Cacao, as well as the ecosystems they support.

Cacao farmers do not get paid enough, for their hard work. It seems that big chocolate corporations, and to an extent consumers, care little about the lives of those who farm this magical bean let alone about preserving ancient varieties in the natural habitat where they originated. When I founded CacaoAmor, I made a promise to be more conscious of where the Cacao I use comes from and how those involved in its cultivation are treated. As such we pay farmers more than the set world trading price for cacao, as well as finding more ways to support their farms.

In our first year, we imported just 200kg of Cacao paste and sold out in just a few months! As the demand for quality fair trade heirloom cacao rises, so do the challenges faced by the communities. In an attempt to help the preservation of cacao, and considering our small batch import, we are now aiming to focus our efforts in areas where we can make a meaningful difference. As such we are narrowing down from working with 200 farms to just 3. These 3 remote farms grow cacao trees in their natural habitat, surrounded by many other trees and plants and under the protection of the jungle’s canopy. These farms have been hit hard by a range of environmental factors. They used to have at least four good harvests a year now they have one or two at most. Our goal is to support these farms to develop in harmony with nature and in turn import larger quantities of cacao at a time, to make the most of their good harvest.

In addition, we are establishing ‘In Cacao We Trust’ a fund to provide resources in support of the farmers and the land. £2 of every package of CacaoAmor sold goes towards helping create more sustainable conditions for the farmers and the trees, whilst benefiting consumers with top quality Cacao.

Furthermore, we will be teaching the women of the farms how to ferment and dry the cacao beans themselves, meaning they get better rates for their cacao where it will travel directly from the farms to our chocolate laboratory to be lightly toasted and stone ground into our signature ceremonial paste.

CacaoAmor is committed to respecting and honouring our natural environment through sustainable agriculture, supporting small farmers and their families to flourish. Keeping alive traditional methods and preserving ancient varieties of Cacao, as well as an ecosystem of many other plants, trees, and creatures living with the Cacao trees.  

 Cultivating True 'Ceremonial' Cacao Paste

CacaoAmor’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste is fermented in wooden boxes, then dried in green houses with the sun. The Cacao beans are then gently toasted for a temperature and time, that ensures any pathogens are killed, whilst waking up the bio-active compounds in the cacao to more easily assimilate them in the body. We never heat above 70 celcius and we make sure it is optimum for ceremony.

The beans are stone grounded, ensuring all the good properties of the cacao are preserved. This is the best way to create quality paste for ceremony and to make nutritiously healthy chocolates, drinks and foods.

We believe that if you want to make a difference then you need to do something different. We are dedicated to encourage our customers to be contributors not only consumers. When you purchase Cacao from CacaoAmor you are contributing to the preservation of Cacao’s natural habitat and improving the quality of life of those who protect and care for it.

If you would like to learn more about ways you can support us please email me at


In Cacao We Trust