Wild Cacao: A Wildly Delicious Retreat
 1 - 5 September 2021 Malaga, Spain

Often after a Cacao ceremony people ask if I facilitate retreats, thus far it has been a dream, and today it is with much joy that I invite you to my first Cacao Retreat 

In the south of Spain!

(Retreat hosted both in English & Spanish!)

Wild Cacao. A Wildly Delicious Retreat
1 - 5 September 2021 Malaga, Spain


What to expect? 
Forest . Dance . Cacao . Shamanism 

We will be working with the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel, supported by Cacao, Dance, Ceremony, Ritual and other Shamanic practices. Surrounded by a loving forest in a gorgeous Eco Retreat Centre. 

The Itinerary

1st September Day 1 Pilgrimage. Arrive. Letting go 

2nd Sep. Day 2 Gate of the East: Invoking the vision 

3th Sep. Day 3 Gate of the South: Wild Play 

4th Sep. Day 4 Gate of the West: Unearthing the dark 

5th Sep. Day 5 Gate of the North: Being in service 


Genal Valley of the Serrania de Ronda. Malaga, Spain

'La Casa de los Guindales' was born out of a dream to look after our Mother Earth and to remember our value as humans to be another link in the care of life in harmony with nature. 

It is a finca or state in the heart of a lush forest, full of life and healing energy from nature, offering peace and calm with the murmur of the water and fresh air. 


It has been built with natural materials following principles of Eco-building, creating spaces which are alive, clean and welcoming. Built by the hands of our hosts, who are also herbalists, sweat lodge facilitators and Medicine Women. The bedrooms 'Tierra' and 'Agua' guarantee restful nights. The kitchen 'Fuego' will gather us around delicious dishes. The hall 'Aire' will embrace some of our practices and the Forest will be our true home. 


 The Facilitators 

Deya CacaoAmor 

"Cacao Sorceress, Heart Opener" Ecuadorian living in England. Her grandma prepared her cacao to go to school and to sleep well at night. Since 2014 has been sharing Cacao in Ceremony all over the world and has her own brand: CacaoAmor 

Eva Monro 

Eva creates 'Natual Spaces To Be' Has been facilitating retreats, workshops and safe spaces since 2011. She is an eternal explorer of freedom. Her tools are yoga, dance, Sufi dance, spoken word and theatre. Nature is her teacher. Adventure her drive.



Special price if booked in July: 444 euros 

Genral price: 555 euros 

Whats included? 

All scheduled activities 

3 Cacao ceremonies

2 'Alternative' Cacao tastings\

Yoga, meditation, shamanic rituals, dance, breathwork, forest bathing, wisdom of the plants, storytelling, clay, songs...

Ceremonial grade cacao and all materials needed for the practices 

Full board accommodation: vegetarian, alkaline, organic and local food. Timings will be adapted around the needs of the day, prioritizing integration with the drinking of Cacao. 

Lodging in shared bedrooms.