Cacao & The Chemistry Of Wellbeing: A Review Of Current Research Findings

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We are super excited to share with you this research paper which offers a review of the empirical evidence base for the biological and psychological benefits of Cacao consumption, comprising a brief systematic review of all cacao research papers published over the last 40 years. To our knowledge, this is the first research article of its kind, and we are proud to have had a trained research consultant compile this for us. Our research paper describes the various positive psychological effects of Cacao's key bio-active components.

We have noticed that many other Cacao providers make claims and suggestions of Cacao's benefits without an indication of, or reference to, the supporting body of research. In an attempt to fill this gap, to increase awareness and support the provision of truly functional foods, we felt it important to gain an understanding of the current scientific literature. We hope this paper will be shared and used by fellow Cacao providers to support the discussion of the incredible benefits of Cacao on psychological wellbeing.

At CacaoAmor we believe in the parallel of 'Science' and 'Spirituality', and we see Cacao as a bridge between them. Our aim is to stand out as truly informed Cacao providers, bringing a unique Cacao sourced from remote areas of Ecuador and from heirloom trees of ancient varieties. Our Cacao is processed with the utmost care so that all its wonderful natural bio-chemical compounds are preserved and easily assimilated. 

But perhaps don't just take our word for it, read the paper here, try our Cacao paste and feel for yourself. 

In Cacao We Trust. 


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