Better Than {free} Webinar: The Chemistry Of Love

The first of our monthly Better Than {free} webinar Series. 

In this episode we are joined by Nocturnal Herbalist & Author of the chocolate bible that is, The Secret Life Of Chocolate, Marcos Patchett. Hosted by Cacao Sorceress Deya CacaoAmor.

Access the webinar via this link:

On the 12th February in honor of San Valentin, goddesses Aphrodite, Venus and all chocolate lovers out there, we had an insightful and exciting 1.5 hours where we talked about Cacao, chocolate and the chemistry of LOVE! This was a great opportunity to learn more about {the secret life} of chocolate, and for those with a fervent curiosity to ask their questions, to participate!

Marcos is a medical herbalist. He graduated from Middlesex University in 2005, and after interning at a clinic in King's Cross from 2004-2007 specializing in complementary care for people living with HIV, he went on to practice from Neal’s Yard Remedies in Covent Garden and Notting Hill until 2016. Between 2013-18 Marcos became the lead clinical supervisor and trainer on Middlesex University's herbal medicine BSc & MSc courses. He is currently an online clinical trainer for Heartwood UK, an international school for students of herbal medicine.

Marcos is also a student of renaissance and classical astrological techniques and teaches traditional astrology internationally. He is an affiliate tutor for Kepler College in the U.S.A. and the UK Qualified Horary Practitioner (QHP) school, and a faculty member of the Academy of Astrology.

Marcos’ first book, The Secret Life of Chocolate, released in March 2020, is a comprehensive thirteen-year project on the ancient history, usage, pharmacology, and cultural meaning of Cacao/chocolate, it has become CacaoAmor's go to book for all things Cacao specially the pharmacology of it. www.

Those interested in checking out Marco's book visit the website bellow and use discount code CHOC for a generous 20% off! Valid until the 30th March 2020

And for N American purchasers:

This webinar is for free, if you would like to contribute with a donation for our Farmers' and research fund please send via PayPal We thank you for your generosity and support. 

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